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Dear SELF, Out of All months of the year in Sanatana Dharma, KARTIKA MASAM has to be the most auspicious for SHIVA, VISHNU & THE UNIVERSAL MOTHER-ADI PARASHAKTHI.

We need KNOWLEDGE which is essential to get the Mission of life which is given by SHIVA but MOKSHA is obtained from SRI MAHA VISHNU. They can give these with the power of ADI PARASHAKTHI.

there are MANTRAS to be chanted with utmost devotion during Pradosh time to make this rare human birth worth living. Please click the link below to know the Mantras each day


Another useful link useful to observe during this auspicious month of Kartika,


Whatever GOOD we do by thought, word & deed during this month with devotion, the benefits are multiplied in hundreds & thousand times.

Yet another useful information on Kartika Masam is below


Those who would like to know the SIGNIFICANCE OF KARTIKA MASAM, Please click the link below


THE MINIMUM WE ALL CAN DO during Kartika Masam:

The minimum we can do is to chant the 3 Siva Mantras daily during KartikaMasam by clicking the link below including their meaning

Siva Mantras
1.! n:m:H eS:v:ay:
1. OM namaþ ÷ivàya
Om is Sat-Chit-Ananda Para-Brahman. ‘Namah Sivaya’ means ‘Prostration to Lord Siva.’
This is the five-lettered formula or the Panchakshara-Mantra of Lord Siva. This is a very powerful
Mantra which will bestow on the chanter the Highest Bliss of Existence.
2.! t:tp:Ø,\:ay: ev:¼hðm:hadðv:ay: D:im:eh .
t:À:ð ,dÓH)c::ðdy:at:Î ..
2. OM tatpuruùàya vidmahe mahàdevàya dhãmahi |
tanno rudraþpracodayàt ||
We comprehend (realise) that Celebrated Supreme Being (Purusha), and meditate upon that
Great God, Mahadeva; may that Rudra impel us to do so. This is the Rudra Gayatri Mantra.
3.! *y:öb:kö y:j:am:hð s:Øg:enD:ö p:ØeÄv:D:ün:ö .
uv:aü,kem:v: b:nD:n:anm:àty::ðm:Øüx:iy: m:|m:àt:at:Î ..
3. OM tryaübakaü yajàmahe sugandhiü puùñivardhanaü |
urvàrukamiva bandhanànmçtyormukùãya ma.amçtàt ||
I bow down to that three-eyed Lord Siva, who is full of sweet fragrance, who nourishes the
human beings. May He free me from the bondage of Samsara and death, just as a ripe cucumber
fruit is separated from the creeper. May I be fixed in Immortality! This is the Maha-Mrityunjaya

And finally those who would like to know the meaning of PANCHAKSHARI- NAMAH SIVAYA, please click the link below

Those who happened to be in Bharat during Kartika Masam which is a Bliss can visit the unique PANCHARAMAS. We were most fortunate to do this with the blessings of Lord Shiva a couple of years ago.
Please click the link below to read about these 5 holy places, all are present in Andhra Pradesh


ANOTHER ESSENTIAL OBSERVATION BY ALL OUR SISTERS A MUST is to do pooja TULASI. Please click the link below to read about Tulasi

And finally:

According to Puranas, the following results are expected for items offered during Abhishekams.
Cow milk-Happiness
soft sugar-destruction of sorrow
Sugarcane juice-Money
Vibhuti-Prosperity and removal of sins
sandal water-Birth of Male child
Flower water-Real estate wealth
Sesame oil-Avoiding accidents
Rudraksha water-Supreme wealth
Grape juice-Success in daily activities
Dates juice-Destruction of enemies
Mango juice-Reduction of terminal disease
Annadanam-Increased longevity and comfortable life

May Lords Siva and Hari shower their Blessings upon all the humanity.
Lokah samstha sukhino Bhavantu
Aum Namah Sivaya, Sivaya Namah Aum
Sri Namo Narayanaya Namah




  1. Good composition about Karthikamasam. Content is very helpful.

  2. Fantastic and Beautiful composition with simple mantras which do not take much time to effect day to day activities.

  3. Congratulations on this amazing story and article.
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